Galvanized Steel Cattle Wire

Gabion Box (Stone netting,heavy hexagonal, pinch spend net, Gabion network) are wire containers, which are made of hexagonal wire netting. Wire diameter varies with the hexagonal nettings. For hexagon

(1) Economic and useful: What we need to do is just put the stones into the cage without special skills. 
(2) It is convenient to transport as it can be transported folded, assembly on site. 
(3) It has a strong resistance to natural destruction and poor weather. 
(4) It can withstand large-scale deformation, and does not collapse. 
(5) Some plants can grow in the gap among the rocks, and it can melt with the natural environment surrounding together. 
(6) And it has good permeability, which can prevent the damage caused by fluid static. 
Uses of Stone netting: widely used in highways, railways, protecting hillside, hillside greening, well and alley fence, building and breeding, zoo fence, greening fence, hillside net cage, flood fighting net cage, revet fence, control and guide the direction of river, spillway and diversion channel, rock fall protection, prevent soil and water from flowing, beach protecting project, protection of the bridge, solid structures defense project, retaining wall, and port.

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