Galvanized Steel Cattle Wire

Crimped Wire Mesh can be also known as the iron crimped mesh, stainless steel crimped mesh, black iron crimped mesh according to different materials. Crimped Wire Mesh is made in a variety of materia

Crimped Mesh Crimping Styles Description

1.Plain Weave - PL:

Plain crimp (PL) is a simple zig zag crimp in which wires intersect at every available pocket.


2.Twilled Weave:

Twilled Weave pattern where each wire goes alternately over two wires then under two successive wires. Twilled Weave is not as tight as Plain Weave, and it is more pliable. Plain Dutch Weave or Twilled Weave is often used in filtration applications. 

3.Intermediate Crimp - I3, I5, I7...:

Intercrimp is a plain crimp with wire intersections occuring only at odd numbered frequencies.

4.One side Plain, one side Intermediate Crimped:

One side is a simple zig zag crimp, and an other side is a plain crimp with wire intersections occuring only at odd numbered frequencies.

5.Locked Crimped:

Lock crimp woven wire mesh yields material with superb dimensional stability.

6.Flat Top Crimped- FT:

Flat top (FT) crimp creates a smooth top surface in which all wires are woven on a single plane.


7.Rectangualr Slot:

Rectangular Slot hole crimped wire mesh is usually used as pig feeding floor.

8.Long Slot:

Long Slot has more open area than tanditional square woven wire screens.

9.Flat Wire Crimped:

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