Galvanized Steel Cattle Wire

Steel Grating is made by stainless or mild steel of certain sizes through the processing of grooving, lock-pressure, welding, finishing and other treatment. Industrial bar gratings can be actually mad

Plain Type Steel Grating

Steel grating, with robust design and spanning abilities, is very strong and safe for the support of floors and elevated walkway. It can be used for ceiling, interior decoration, decoration, platform aisle, ventilation windows, (Wells), advertising plaque and other construction.

1.Material: hot dipped mild steel or stainless steel


  • Type of bearing bar: 20 x 3 - 100 x 6

  • Pitch of bearing bar: 30 

  • Pitch of cross bar: 38, 76, 50, 100, etc.

  • Note: We can design and manufacture standard steel grating, with a width of up to 1 meter
    and in customized shapes per client requirements.5, 25, 15, 30, 34.3, 60, 40, etc.

3.Finish: hot dip galvanizing, painted, untreated

4.Steel grating standards: 

  • China: YB / T4001 - 1998

  • USA: ANSI / NAAMM (MBG531 - )

  • UK: BS4592 - 1987

  • Australia: AS1657 - 1985

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